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Payamavaran Nanofanavari Fardanegar (PNF) Company was established in 2007 to create and develop advanced Nanotechnology process. PNF has followed various project in Nanotechnology and modified Nano product. In this regard, Nano-powder making equipment and metal Nano-colloid maker equipment by Electrical Explosion of Wire (EEW) technic has been produced. Also, production of Nano-emulsion and homogenization by Nano-cavitation technology has been domesticated by PNF for first time in Iran. Superiority of this technology has been noticeable for various industry such as water and wastewater treatment, food industry and non-thermal pasteurization, pharmaceutical industry and Nano-drug production, dye and polymer industry, oil and petrochemical industries. Now, PNF in addition to last activities by developing selective electro-dialysis technology and introducing CaviZone technology concentrated on water and wastewater treatment field.

 The Attendance Of “Payamavaran Nanofanavari Fardanegar” Company At  Aquatech International Exhibition - china  2019



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The Largest International Exhibition For Process , Drinking & Waste Water In Asia

The Attendance of “Payamavaran Nanofanavari Fardanegar” Company at the Opening of “ Water Clinic” in” Industrial Park For Environmental Science & Technology”, Yixing , China.2019
The Attendance of “Payamavaran Nanofanavari Fardanegar” company at the 26the International Exhibition of Food, Food Technology, Agriculture 2019

Known as the largest and most famous international Food, Food Technology & Agricultural event in the Middle East ever since its first inception in 1994, Iran agro food is being split from 2006 into three specialized sections.

From 2016 Iran food ingredients as a fourth dedicated section has been held under the umbrella of Iran agro food, in conjunction with Iran food + bev tec, Iran food + hospitality and Iran agro.

  1. food and hospitality 2019”, “Iran food and bev tec 2019”, “Iran agro 2019”, “Iran food ingredients 2019” will be held as four events at the same time, all in dedicated exhibition halls and outdoor grounds at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

The country’s largest trade event for food, food technology and agriculture, has been scheduled for its 26th edition to be from 18-21 June, 2019 at the Tehran International Fairgrounds in cooperation with "Trade Promotion Organization of Iran"(T.P.O) and "Iran International Exhibitions Co." (I.I.E.C).

The attendance of “Payamavaran Nanofanavari Fardanegar” company at the 20th international exhibition of Iran Health 2017

The 20th international exhibition of medical, dental, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment (Iran Health) from 15 to 18 May 2017, at the International Permanent Fairground of Tehran will be held by the presence of hundreds of local and foreign companies as well as government ministries, organizations, associations and related unions.