Hydrodynamic Nano Cavitaion systems


PNF Co. is pioneer in manufacturing equipment for mixing various liquid-liquid or liquid-solid using hydrodynamic nano cavitation technology. Stable nano emulsions and suspensions obtained are widely used in various industries.

In this technology, cavities are produced via high pressure as well as special designed reactor. The process begin with the local high temperature and pressure resulted from the implosion of cavities.

This technology provides new features for different fields such as food, dairy, cosmetic, chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries and R&D centers to achieve improving products’quality and also reducing production costs.


        Improved product quality

        High energy efficiency

       Lower energy consumption compare  to similar method

     Capable of producing products at lab, semi industrial and industrial scale.

      User friendly

        Environmental friendly

        Low maintenance cost



       Low pressure homogenization

         Producing pharmaceutical, food products and chemical nano emulsions

-          Nano particle dispersion in liquid media

-          Nano emulsified fuel (water-fueloil & water-diesel):fuel saving and pollutant reduction

-          Crude oil upgrading

-          Oil and its derivatives desulfurization

-          Cold pasteurization of food (milk, juice,…): effective cost and enhanced quality

-          Water treatment