Under water explosion


The under liquid explosion gives us the fully dispersed and stabilized metallic nano-colloids in arbitrary liquid solution. In fact, the production, dispersion and stabilization is done simultaneously.

This method is one of the newest methods among metal Nano colloids production processes. In this method, thin metal wire is exploded using high voltage and converted to Nano-sized metal particles disperses in a liquid media. Any types of metal wire can be converted into Nano particles by using this device.



• Ability of producing a wide range of metallic nano-colloids which can be provided in thin wire shape.

• A wide range of liquid media including Water, Alcohol, and Glycerin and etc can be applied

• Excellent dispersion of Metallic nano particles in related liquid.

• Ability of producing in laboratorial scale with different concentrations.

• Environmental friendly.

• High productivity.                                                                                                             


Plasma Nano Colloid maker (PNC):

PNC makers are intended to produce all kinds of Metallic Nano-Colloids including Fe, Au, Ag, Cu and Al wires under liquid media. In this method, all the parameters such as colloids size; concentration of nano particles in liquid, type of surface treatment and additives can be controlled.