Nitrate removal from water


Ø Nitrate removal from water

Nitrate is one of the most important pollution in water. Nitrate removal from water is costly process due to its high solubility in water. Due to increasing nitrate concentration in the ground- and surface-water, nitrate pollution is one of the country's problems in recent years.

PNF Co. offers selective electrodialysis process as a perfect and effective solution for nitrate removal of water.

v Selective electrodialysis

Electrodialysis technology is an advanced method in water and wastewater treatment for solute contaminants removal. Maximize water recovery (up to 95%) with the minimum amount of energy and chemical usage is the impressive benefit of this method.

Electro Dialysis (ED) is a membrane based process. By developing Electrodialysis method the selected ions can be removed. Nitrate removal has executed as a selective electrodialysis plant including the following steps:

·        Using appropriate anion & cation membranes

·        Excitation nitrate ions

·        Migrate nitrate ions to the concentrate compartment

·        Trapping nitrate ions concentrated stream compartment