Non-thermal pasteurization of Milk


Non-thermal pasteurization of Milk:

PNF Company has been signed an agreement with Agricultural Biotechnology Institute of Iran (ABRII)   to survey efficiency of application of Nano-cavitation technology in pasteurization and homogenization of milk with the support of Iran Nano technology Initiative Council (INIC) . In order to complementation of necessary test, new Nano-cavitation equipment was installed in ABRII center by PNF.

 Pasteurization and homogenization of milk via Nano-cavitation equipment have been proven by ABRII experts. Now, optimization of parameters, additional quality tests and milk nutritional value test is doing in ABRII center.

Non-thermal pasteurization and simultaneous homogenization by Nano-cavitation technology is a novel procedure that maintain nutritional value of milk and beverage and also reduce energy consumption. PNF Company, for first time in Iran, provides accessibility to this technology in lab, pilot and industrial scales for all costumers.