Wastewater treatment


Wastewater treatment

PNF Co. has developed special method which might be utilized in industrial wastewater treatment applications such as disinfection, removal chemical pollutants and heavy metals. 

CaviZone is a patented, Ozone-based Advanced Oxidation Process that saturates contaminated water with Ozone using Hydrodynamic Nano Cavitation to destroy bacteria, bio films, organics, and oxidize heavy metals. As water cycles through the CaviZone process, bacteria cell walls are destroyed and heavy metals are oxidized and ready for removing from the pollutant matrix, returning clean water.

This technology has achieved remarkable results by combination with electrocoagulation (EC), electro-chemical oxidation (EO) and nano zero Valente iron (NZVI) in alcohol, textile, petrochemical, polymer, and food industry wastewater treatment. In the following, the successful case is in pilot scale can be seen.

The PNF Co. is willing to do preliminary treatment test on all kind of wastewater by above mentioned methods. For more information please call us.